About Brydg

The Brydg group of companies is the most advanced real estate lending experience available for institutional investors and loan originators.

We believe the world of lending is broken and our mission is to help people unlock the value of tomorrow in their assets of today. This means providing credit in order to realise profits of potential.

In this pursuit, Brydg has originated over £1 billion of loans funded and has built a trusted and coveted reputation amongst family offices, institutional investors, debt advisors, and real estate developers. Our sophisticated and proprietary, AI assisted underwriting approach is formed through decades of lending experience coupled with advanced technologies and data science.

Our team is the quintessential fusion of real estate and credit veterans coupled with serial innovators and quantum technologist. Together we are capital futurists with an ethos of innovation, speed, transparency, and risk management.

Brydg was originally founded in 2014 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Upcoming Content Calendar

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Q1 2021

A post-Covid move from postcode to product

Q1 2021

Brydg Labs in a sandbox with OpenAI's GPT-3, here's the future of AI

Q2 2021

This is what data transparency at a country level should look like

Q2 2021

Are family offices the private banks of the future?

Q3 2021

Brydg Milestones

Brydg Labs beta launches LATITUDE (Local Area Transactional Intelligence Ticker) to quickly display Average Price Per Sq. Foot across all 1,765,422 postcodes in the UK

Oct 2020

Brexit, Brydg and the future of Britain report

Nov 2019

Brydg Labs Launches DIVA (Data, Insights, Visualizations & Analytics) as a platform for fast lookup of property and area information

Oct 2019

Brydg Labs beta launches Lucky DIP and bring in almost £150m of deal flow witihin a week

Mar 2018

Brydg Labs beta launches FLOW as a marketplace for institutional investors and loan originators

Feb 2018

Brydg creates a proprietary default and fraud insurance cover from an "A" Rated Insurer

Sep 2017

Brydg Labs Launches AIWHO (Artificial Intelligence With Human Oversight) to assess Borrower, Asset & Transaction

Mar 2017

Brydg Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Oct 2016

Brydg Labs launches Investor Dashboard as a single source of truth for all loans

Jan 2016

Brydg funds first deal as lender of record

Sep 2015

Brydg Labs launches Video Valuations with Google Glass

May 2015


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