As much progress as we’ve made together, there’s still much to do. The global agenda has never been so polarised, so pressing or so complex. The global community needs new approaches, new resources and new commitments of commercial and political will.

As global citizens, Brydg’s mission is to support a sustainable future, free from inequality and full of hope, with a focus on two core philanthropic goals.

Goal #1 – Universal Credit

The current economic structure is built on an old archaic system of credit and never before have the tools to access credit worthiness been more sophisticated yet so underutilised by traditional financial institutions as they are today.

In our business, Brydg creates partnerships between providers of capital and value creators in need of credit. We’ve seen first-hand how lives are transformed when people have access to credit. We want to provide people around the world with Universal Access to Credit so they have the ability to transform their lives for the better.

In order to find solutions which scale, we are questioning the prevailing paradigms in search of unconventional and locally-attuned solutions for access to credit and even redefining what credit actually means in this new millennium.

Goal #2 – Holistic Wealth

We believe in a holistic approach to wealth. This means wealth should be measured in more than just financial terms. As companies measure ROI (Return on Investment) in business, shouldn’t individuals have a similar barometer? Why not measure Return on Life, after all, isn’t life the ultimate investment? This is the notion of ROL (Return On life) instead of ROI.

Return on Life is a holistic wealth approach to a person’s well-being. It is about redefining an individual’s net worth through the prism of internal happiness and external contribution to society and community. In order to better understand ourselves, especially in this new digital age of self worth, we can simply ask each other, how happy are you? Financially? Spiritually? Socially? Professionally? Physically? Mentally? Etc.

Brydg’s Return on Life principle forms the basic ethos of how we work together at Brydg to create a sustainable future.

We support initiatives which align to our 2 core philanthropic principles, have measurable beneficiary impact and are inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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